Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions: Members

The ABPM members database can store 2 address (mailing and public). The mailing address is for information coming from headquarters to the member and the public address is for those who search our database to “find a doctor”. The public address also has the capacity to store the member's website on line.

When you have an address change, you may log in to the members dashboard and update your profile.  The website is updated on a weekly basis.

Each member (board qualified or certified) has access to their profile by logging in to the dashboard on the ABPM website. Once logged in, members can update addresses, phone numbers, web addresses and access advertising guidelines. 

They may also add their website address to public information as well as obtain a logo to use on their website.  Please read guidelines closely.

ABPM uses your full, official name in its records. To change your name, or to correct the spelling of your name, you must notify ABPM in writing. ABPM requires a copy of marriage certificate, naturalization papers, court order of name change, etc.) to effect a name change. E-mail or mail all such written notification to our office to headquarters.

Report CMEs as required by your state; you should maintain a minimum of 25 credits per year, even if your state requires less than 25 per annually. You may report a maximum of 50 per year.

Diplomates are exempt if they hold retired, inactive, or disabled status.

All Diplomates may document and upload their CME's, which will be validated by Board HQ before they will be accepted. 

Acceptable CMEs are outlined on your member dashboard.

Beyond objective acknowledgement of expertise in a specialty, Board certification confers material advantages in access to healthcare markets such as PPO’s, IPA’s and HMO’s, and is one of several major criteria in the attainment of hospital staff privileging.

Upon achieving board certified classification individuals are subsequently required to pay annual re-registration fees. Payment is due in March of each year and will incur a late payment penalty if delinquent. The following is the present fee structure:

  • Emeritus Status (25+ years of ABPM Membership): $175
  • Board Qualified: $200
  • Board Certified: $350

Emeritus: Active members in good standing for 25 consecutive years are subject to reduced annual dues.

Upon achieving board certification individuals are required to pay re-registration fees on an annual basis to maintain their board status. 

In addition, they are required to enroll in the ABPM Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Program.  The program outlines the re-credentialing requirements over the duration of the Diplomate’s 10-year cycle. The new Diplomate will receive further enrollment information for the MOC program.  Details and requirements of the program are available at the ABPM website. Enrollment begins the calendar year following the year in which the individual achieved board certification.

If you pass one section of the exam, your scores are valid for the length of your eligibility.  For example: if you complete residency in 2021 you are eligible until 2029.  If you take the exam in October 2021 and pass the cases but not the didactic section, you have until 2029 to take and pass just the didactic section.  Your case section score is valid until your eligibility expires.

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