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Certificate of Added Qualification in Amputation Prevention and Wound Care

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General CAQ Information

The CAQ examination fee is $295.  For applicants choosing to submit cases, there is an additional $200 non-refundable fee.

Based upon diplomate interest over the past several years, the ABPM has developed a vetting process leading to a certificate of added qualification in amputation prevention and wound care.  This process will be available to ABPM diplomates with specific practice interest and demonstrable expertise in this area.

ABPM diplomates interested in taking this examination must be able to demonstrate at least one of the following:

  • provide certificate confirming completion of a CPME-approved fellowship in amputation prevention and wound care or similar designation
  • submit documentation in the form of a letter regarding expertise in a wound care or hospital setting (minimum of 1000 documented hours verified by the program's Hospital CMO, Fellowship Director, or Department Chairperson/Chief of Service)
  • pass a case documentation process proving expertise in amputation prevention and wound care

In addition the diplomate must pass the ABPM CAQ examination in amputation prevention and wound care and maintain their Board Certified status.

Note: The Certificate of Added Qualification is a special distinction created and issued solely by the ABPM to recognize an ABPM Diplomate who has established additional competency in Amputation Prevention and Wound Care.  The Joint Committee on Recognition of Specialty Boards (JCRSB) of the Council on Podiatric Medical Education recognizes the certification process of the ABPM but has not developed a recognition process for certificates of added qualification.  Therefore, at this time the ABPM’s recognition by the JCRSB does not extend specifically to the CAQ.