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2024 Board Examinaiton

2024 Certification Examination Dates

Applications for the 2024 Board Certification Exam are now open!

The Certification Exam

The Certification Exam Contains Two Sections
All candidates are required to pass a two-part Certification Exam in order to achieve ABPM Board Certification.
The didactic section consisting of 125 multiple choice questions.

The case section consisting of 9 clinical case scenarios.

For a complete breakdown of test subject matter, click here!

Eligibility Requirements

The ABPM adheres to guidelines required by CPME 220 for Certification.


You may visit the CPME website ( and review the section under the “specialty boards” tab for complete documentation of the rules and regulations.


It is important to note that CPME 220 requires that “any specialty board shall require candidates for certification to have successfully completed a minimum of three years of CPME-approved residency training” [Criterion 5.2].


Candidates completing PMSR or PMSR/RRA programs may sit for the Board Certification exam only at the conclusion of their final residency year.


Candidates are granted Board Eligible status for 8 years upon completion of an approved CPME residency. An additional 5 years of eligibility will be granted if certification is attempted but not achieved in the first 8 years. Additional years of eligibility may be granted based on hardship circumstances.


Please click on the Am I Eligible? link at the top of the page to determine eligibility.

Study Resources

ABPM Mobile App

An app for iOS/Android devices has been created which contains practice questions to help prepare for the didactic portion of the examination. To download the app, please search for ABPM in App Store for iOS or Google Play.

ACPM Review Text (3rd Edition)

Residents who join ACPM with free Resident Membership can receive a $150 discount for the official Review Text and access to other free educational content. Resident Members must be active and in good standing with a CPME-approved Residency Program. Visit and complete the online enrollment form to join today!

Sample Cases​

In an effort to help prepare you for your upcoming exam, ABPM has created sample case scenarios that are now available to all candidates. The practice cases will familiarize prospective test takers with the Pearson VUE platform and provide an example of what can be expected during the case portion of any of our ABPM exams. Please note you DO NOT need to log in to Pearson VUE to access the sample case. Simply, click here and the ABPM Sample Exam will be located on the lower right-hand corner of the webpage. Lastly, the answer key is available at the end so be sure to keep track of your answers as you work through the sample case.

Continuous Learning Center

The Goldfarb Continuous Learning Center offers various study solutions to prepare for whatever exam you are taking. From In-Training exams to state licensing tests, there is an option designed with your needs in mind.

Examination Pricing

The ABPM Board Certification Exam costs $1750.00. The $250.00 application fee is non-refundable upon receipt. Balance is non-refundable after the cutoff date displayed on the application page (when available).

Am I eligible to take the ABPM Certification exam?

Have you attempted the ABPM certification exam before?

2024 Certification Examination Dates

The 2024 ABPM Certification Examination Application will be available from:
Monday, June 3rd, 2024
Thursday, August 15th, 2024


Beginning 2024, all eligible candidates must sit and pass both parts of the same exam in the same year to become Board Certified with ABPM.
The 2024 ABPM Certification Examination will be administered on the following dates:
Tuesday, October 8th, 2024
Wednesday, October 9th, 2024
Examinations will be administered at Pearson Vue Testing Centers.